You've seen the film, you know the songs, and you've got a sore finger... Why not spice up that next screening of everyone's favourite musical by getting absolutely rip-roaring drunk? Sounds fun? Great! Let's drink!

What You'll Need:

  1. A few friends, all wearing curtains/costumes.
  2. Many, many bottles of your preferred booze. (Champagne recommended)
  3. Write all participants' names on small pieces of paper. (For the Song Rounds)
  4. Get to know the Drinking Rules below and the handy sipping guide:

SIPPING GUIDE:   = 1 sip,   = 2 sips,   = 1 Full Glass,   = 2 Full Glasses!

Starting The Game

The game begins with the popping of a cork off the first bottle of champagne/sparkling white. This must be done at precisely the moment that Maria begins singing her first note, ideally timing the pop with the word "hills" of "The hills are alive...". If they have an error of more than ±1 second of this moment, the popper must down their entire first glass.

The Nuns

The Nuns

Whenever a nun makes a snarky criticism.
Every time you see a nun's bare hands
(multiple sips for multiple hands)
Every time a nun sins
(multiple sips for multiple sins)
A sin involving car parts


Each moment of spoken wisdom or nostalgic anecdote.
Each 'Longing look' directed at the captain.
Whenever Maria is wearing curtains, or something silky and blue.
Whenever you think Maria's haircut is looking especially lovely in that scene.
When she says "Love them Captain, love them all", cheer and drink a whole glass.
Every time Maria says "Oh".
The Children

The Children

Every time Liesl enters a room looking 'busty', 'saucy', or anything vaguely sultry
If her thigh is visible.
Whenever Gretel does her 'cute' face, or makes a hand gesture.
Whenever Gretel mentions her sore finger, or falls asleep.
Each time Marta speaks in a half-whisper.
Whenever Louisa does anything slightly 'jealous stalker' to Brigitta. (Includes sideward glances)
Every time someone inflicts an act of violence on the Baroness.
Each time a child is seen wearing curtains.
The Captain

The Captain

Each 'longing look' directed at Maria.
Whenever he sings.
Whenever maria irritates him to 'nostril-flaring' proportions.
If he is holding/touching his whistle.
Whenever you suspect he's making the whole whistle-code thing up as he goes along.
Any mention of Austria by the Captain.
Whenever he claps his hands.
A full drink if he brazenly attempts conversation in the face of possible death by bullet.


Whenever the Baroness gives a bitchy smile indicating that she's 'up to something'.
Uncle Max makes a snide remark.
Uncle Max adds a remark to something bitchy the Baroness has said.
Whenever Uncle Max mentions something about money/wealth.
Every Swaztika spotted.
When a vigorously bowing woman is spotted.
Each time a housemaid speaks.
Every cow spotted (very rare!)
Somebody raise a toast at THE WEDDING... Charge your glasses!


An additional sip to be taken whenever
anyone utters any of the following words:

"Oh" (Maria Only)
"Heil Hitler"


Time To Sing!

Time to Sing!

When a song is about to start, quickly draw someone's name out of a hat. This person MUST sing.

Getting though a whole chorus correctly:
Getting though a whole song correctly:
Failing to get even the chorus right:
The Rolfe Conundrum

The Rolfe Conundrum

You know the part where lover-boy Rolfe starts throwing stones at Liesl's window?

Well, the moment before Rolfe starts throwing stones, you must PAUSE the movie. Everyone must then yell out how many stones they think he will throw.

Those who guess the number correctly get to devise the drinking punishments for those who don't!

Ending The Game

The game ends when any of the following occur:

Someone breaks the TV, the Police show up (looking bewildered at all the nun outfits), one or more people sustain injuries trying to dance The Ländler, OR if you happen to be conscious enough to spot a bunch of brats crossing the alps. (Honestly, if you make it that far, hats off to you.)

Based on the creators' experience, any ending will be acceptable within the confines of the following bell-curve:

WORST-CASE SCENARIO : the alcohol runs out, people get antsy, the drinking game is marred by violence.
BEST-CASE SCENARIO : you finish the movie, then rewind back to the "So Long, Farewell" scene, find a stairwell, and reenact it, blow for blow.

Hope you had fun - thanks for playing.
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